Black Family Rattled After Teen Yells N-Word In Doorbell Camera

Photo: Getty Images

A Black family in Ohio says they fear for their safety following a late-night crime at their home involving a racial slur.

The incident unfolded on June 18 at the Wickliffe home of Anthony Peck and his family, per News 5 Cleveland. During early morning hours, two people banged on the family's back door while they were asleep. By the time Peck woke up to check the home, the trespassers had fled.

A teenager then went to the Peck residence, yelled the N-word right into their doorbell camera, and ran away. The incident was caught on camera and the teen admitted to police that he committed the crime.

Peck said the slur has taken a toll on his family, including his autistic son.

“He likes to go outside in the backyard with the dog and spend time with the dog because I have a nice-sized backyard,” Peck said of his son. “But now he doesn’t even want to go out and enjoy the yard.”

All of the teens were charged with misdemeanors including criminal trespassing and curfew violations. Peck said he considers the incident a hate crime.

“I’m very angry because I fear for the safety of my family now,” Peck said. “I’m sitting here thinking what’s next?”

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