'Karen' Calls Cops On Black Therapist Conducting Session With Client: Video

Photo: TikTok

A white woman is being deemed a "Karen" after she was caught on camera harassing a Black therapist who was sitting in the common area of her office building.

The therapist, identified as Dr. Marquisha Frost, posted footage of her Karen encounter on TikTok. Frost said she was conducting a phone session with one her clients when a woman questioned what she was doing in the common area.

“What’s your office phone number,” the woman asked repeatedly. “I would like to file a complaint.”

Frost continued to speak to her client on the phone before the woman called the police.

“She’s having a loud conversation. She won’t give any information,” she told authorities, adding that Frost didn't "belong here."

The therapist continued her phone session as the Karen declared that officers were "on their way." When police arrived at the scene, Frost calmly explained the situation.

“I’m conducting a meeting here in this space. … I’m locked out of the office, and I had a client I was meeting with,” Frost told the officers. “She said I was too loud, so I put in my AirPods, and she continued to come back and harass me, so I started to record her.”

“If you would’ve just said that you were locked out of your office,” the woman interjected.

“But who are you? I don’t have to answer you,” Frost replied. “Police are typically called when people don’t feel safe. I did nothing to you. I’m just conducting a meeting in a building that I leased office space in that I’m currently locked out of.”

The woman left the room as officers continued to speak with Frost. The video ended with officers leaving the building.

“The idea that Black people are ‘out of place’ and ‘do not belong’ is a widespread one. It is so disgusting and unfortunate,” Frost captioned her video. “BUT— I managed well and am taking the steps necessary to protect myself from this woman and people like her at all costs.”

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