Video Shows New Altercation Involving Folding Chair Following Boat Brawl

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A new video has emerged of another altercation involving a folding chair following the viral Alabama boat brawl.

In the video, a Black man appears to wield a folding chair against a white man charging toward him in downtown Detroit.

“The era of the folding chair: Downtown Detroit yesterday,” a social media user captioned the video on Instagram.

It's unclear what led to the altercation. Bystanders in the video can be heard warning the charging man to "stop" or "you're gonna get f*cked up."

The folding chair has become a symbol of the massive brawl that was captured on video at Riverfront Park in Montgomery, Alabama earlier this week. Videos of the incident began with a Black man being attacked by a white assailant. The man and assailant appeared to fight on the dock before two more white men join in on the brawl.

At one point in the videos, the Black victim appeared to be on the ground while being struck by several men. Onlookers later jumped to the man's defense, with one person even swimming up to the dock to fight back against the assailants.

Defenders also included a Black man, identified as Reggie Ray, who used a folding chair as a weapon in the fight. Ray has been revered among Black people on social media as "Uncle Reggie" for defending the victim with what was available.

Montgomery Police Chief Darryl Robert announced Tuesday (August 8) that arrest warrants were issued for three white men following the brawl. Police said an investigation into the incident is still ongoing, and authorities still have many interviews to conduct, including a possible one with Ray.

"As we identify additional folks that we need to talk to, we will ask them to come in and we'll try to locate them and do further investigation to see if the charges are appropriate," Albert said Tuesday.

In response to the newly-surfaced video, social media users praised the man wielding the folding chair for following "Uncle Reggie's" footsteps.

"Black man and a chair is a combo we never knew we needed," one user commented under the new video.

"Chairs are having the best week ever!" another Instagram user said.

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