Black Teen Arrested While Taking Out Trash In Viral TikTok

Photo: Getty Images

A Black teenager appeared to be arrested for no apparent reason while taking the trash in a TikTok video that's gone viral.

On Thursday (August 10), a TikTok user posted a four-minute video of the teen's arrest by what appeared to be a Lansing, Michigan police officer.

In the video, a teen standing near trash bins was led to a police vehicle in handcuffs. A man who said he was the teen's father came out of his home and spoke with officers, who appeared to comment that his son "fit the description."

The teen's father seemed to argue with the police, saying his son was the "perfect kid" and telling an officer "you always use that as an excuse, man."

"They've traumatized my son," the father told a bystander.

After more officers arrived at the scene, the teen's handcuffs were removed. He then appeared to cry as he return to his father.

"They was wrong for that s***, man," a witness said, alleging that police had wrongly arrested the teen.

It's unclear what occurred before the video began. Many social media users urged the teen's family to pursue a lawsuit against the police department.

"This is ridiculous. I would lawyer up and file a lawsuit. Poor kid having to go through this," one TikTok user said.

"He will 1000% be traumatized by this incident and will take him a lifetime to overcome this," another wrote.

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