Twitter Reacts To Patrick Mahomes' Wife's Fried Chicken Comment

Photo: Getty Images

Brittany Mahomes, the wife of NFL star Patrick Mahomes, is catching heat on Twitter after wrongly guessing her husband's favorite cheat day meal.

In a resurfaced GQ Sports clip, the Mahomes, who got married in March 2022, were taking a couples quiz when Brittany made the blunder.

"What's my favorite cheat day meal?" the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback asked his wife.

"Fried chicken," she confidently responded.

After learning she got the answer wrong, Brittany quickly guessed another chicken-related meal.

"Chicken-fried steak," she said before Patrick admitted his favorite cheat meal was Mexican food.

The video went viral on Twitter over the weekend, with users flaming Brittany, who is white, for assuming her Black husband's favorite meal was fried chicken.

"It’s the way she said it though. I smell fried chicken racism," one Twitter user wrote.

"...Surprised she didn’t say with a slice of watermelon and grape soda as a side while she’s at it," another user chimed in.

See more reactions to Brittany Mahomes' fried chicken comment below.

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