Karen Goes Off On Driver For Parking In Front Of Her Home: Video

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A California woman is being deemed a "Karen" after a video surfaced of her going off on a man who parked in front of her house while visiting a friend.

Steve Haas said he was returning to his car after visiting a friend in Santa Clarita Valley when he noticed a message was left on his windshield.

"Please don't park in front of our home. Thank you," the letter read.

In a video that's gone viral, Haas said he knocked on the woman's door to find out why she left the message on his vehicle.

"I'm parked at my homeboy's crib and I get this letter that says, 'Please do not park in front of our home. Thank you,'" Hass said in the video, showing the note. "So I went and knocked on the door and asked why. It's a public street. And she says she owns this parking spot. She owns it?"

The woman then appeared to storm out of her house while filming Haas. "Can you leave my property?" the woman asked.

Haas responded that he was on a "public sidewalk," adding "I can stay right here."

The two continued to argue before the woman's husband came out of the house and chimed in.

"You don't live here sir," the man told Haas.

"It doesn't matter, I'm visiting. Do you do this for everyone who comes and visits?" Haas replied before the man said "No, it does matter. There are people who park in front of my house continuously."

The woman's husband went on to call Haas a "jerk," "stupid," and "childish" for filming the altercation.

"You know what I'm gonna do? I might just come out every weekend and park right here," Haas said.

The wife urged her husband to go back inside but to no avail.

"We can stand here all day and look like a couple of idiots or you can just go about your day. You look like an idiot. You look really silly," the man told Haas.

When the couple eventually headed back inside their home, the man turned to Haas and told him that the sheriff was on the way.

"Thank you. Beautiful couple," Haas said at the end of the video.

It's unclear what unfolded after the video. Social media users slammed the "Karen and Ken" for harassing the visitor.

"Wow Unreal and so sad at the same time‼️" one social media user wrote.

Another Instagram user called on local news outlets to cover the incident.

"@ktla5news @foxla you guys should send a team out to this address and ask what the problem is. My response is RACISM AND ENTITLEMENT," the user said.

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