'You're Not Equal': 'Karen' Goes Off On Black Post Office Employee

Photo: Getty Images

A white woman has been dubbed a "Karen" after she allegedly went off on a Black post office employee in Kirkwood, Missouri for no apparent reason.

In a now-viral video, the woman appeared to yell at the employee, who was recording the incident from a distance, telling them to "get the hell away" from her.

“I could do the same thing, lady,” the woman said as she took out her phone and approached the employee. “I send it to Trump. Maybe he could do something, and then Obama could sue him.”

The "Karen" continued her rant while walking back to her vehicle.

“Equal my a**,” she said to the employee. “You’re not equal!”

“Goddamn f***ing, step on white people,” she added as she got in her car.

In the video, the woman appeared to begin to drive off before stopping in the middle of the parking lot to continue harassing the employee.

“I tell ya, I’ve had it,” she said. “Goddamn, you have ruined my life. I sit here. All I want is my mail. My mail!”

“Don’t come in here, ma’am,” the employee responded as the woman began walking towards her again. “And please step off of our lot.”

“I hope you lose your job,” "Karen" replied.

The video concludes with the woman walking back to her car.

“Where do you get your hair done? she asked the employee. "I haven’t had it done in five years!”

It's unclear what unfolded before the video began. Individuals in the video haven't been identified.

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