Black Deacon Dies After Being Tased By Police

An Atlanta police officer has been fired after tasing a church deacon who later died, per People.

According to reports, deacon Johnny Hollman Sr. was driving home from Bible study in August when he crashed into another vehicle.

Atlanta police arrived at the scene and officer Kiran Kimbrough "attempted to issue a traffic citation," the department previously said. However, “the driver became agitated and uncooperative” and “a struggle ensued," according to the department.

“After several minutes struggling with the driver, the officer utilized his taser and, with the help of a witness, placed him into handcuffs,” police said. “Once the driver was in handcuffs, the officer realized he was unresponsive and requested EMS to the scene.”

Hollman was taken to an Atlanta hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. A medical examiner determined Hollman's cause of death to be homicide and noted heart disease as a contributing factor.

Earlier this week, the Atlanta police announced that Kimbrough, who is Black, was terminated from the department. An investigation into the incident remains "active and ongoing," the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said.

“Every single person and life in the City of Atlanta matters to me,” Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum said in a statement. “Part of my job is to assess, evaluate, and adjust how this police department is carrying out its sworn mission to serve and protect the citizens of this city.”

The department said Kimbrough's termination was based on “failing to follow the department’s standard operating procedures."

Criminal charges may be filed against Kimbrough in the coming months, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said.

"We're going to continue to fight for justice all the way to the very end, so we can do justice for our father," Hollman’s daughter, Arnitra Hollman, said, in a statement.

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