Model Goes Viral For Serving Runway Walk At Friend's Casket Viewing

Photo: Getty Images

A New Jersey model is going viral after she strutted down the aisle of a casket viewing following her friend's death.

According to TMZ, friends and family of designer Vernest Moore gathered for a "Red Carpet Viewing" of his body in Newark in the wake of his October 22 death.

Moore's friend and model, Erica L. Carrington, said she intended to honor her friend by serving a runway walk down a red carpet that led to his open casket. Carrington posed, stopped for pics at the end carpet, and blew a final kiss at Moore as the crowd cheered for her in the background.

"I CAN’T BELIEVE this would be my final walk for you, so I WON’T. From now on…even if I’m not walking FOR YOU, I’ll be walking WITH YOU, because I know you’ll ALWAYS be with me," Carrington wrote on social media.

Video of the funeral runway walk garnered a wide variety of responses on social media. While some people were critical of the model's decision to strut at the casket viewing, others said it was a beautiful way to honor her designer friend.

"I pray that when it’s my time… all my creative friends like yourself arrive with this type of energy. To be paid homage in the way we lived! This is beautiful and it gave me chills. RIP to your friend," one social media user commented.

"My condolences on your loved ones passing. This was a great way to honor them. All this rules on what or how we honor is not for anyone to decide but the family blood or bonded," another said.

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