Cops Acted Reasonably In Fatal Shooting Of Jayland Walker, Ohio Police Says

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An internal investigation by an Ohio police department found officers acted reasonably in the fatal shooting of Jayland Walker, a 25-year-old Black man.

Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett launched an internal investigation into the eight officers involved in the June 2022 shooting death of Walker after a grand jury found their use of deadly force was justified and declined to pursue criminal charges.

"The most important and significant question that needs to be answered is whether the officers' use of deadly force ... was in accordance with APD policies," Mylett said.

The department announced Tuesday (November 28) that the investigation was complete and the eight officers complied with the department's policies in Walker's shooting, per CBS News. Mylett found the grand jury's decision was "predicated on the use of force being objectively reasonable."

Police previously said Walker failed to stop when officers tried to pull him over for minor equipment violations in June 2022. According to police, Walker fired a shot from his vehicle during the pursuit.

At one point during the encounter, Walker jumped out of his still-moving vehicle and attempted to flee on foot, according to a state investigation into the incident. Officers initially tried to use Tasers to stop Walker, but police believed he was going to fire again after the 25-year-old reached toward his waistband and raised a hand, per the state investigation.

Walker had left his gun in his car.

Officers fired a total of 96 shots within seven seconds, 46 of those hitting Walker.

When Walker opened fire at officers from his vehicle, the situation "dramatically changed from a routine traffic stop to a significant public safety and officer safety issue," Mylett wrote following the internal investigation.

Mylett cited that Walker wore a ski mask "on a warm June night" and didn't comply with commands to show his hands, which "caused officers to believe he was still armed and intended on firing upon officers. Officers then fired to protect themselves."

The police chief added that the shooting was "certainly tragic" but objectively reasonable.

All the officers are now on active duty.

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