‘F***ing Black People’: 'Karen' Spits At Pro-Palestine Protesters In Mall

Photo: Getty Images

A white woman is being deemed a "Karen" after she was caught on camera spitting at pro-Palestine demonstrators and saying "f***ing Black people" to a man who confronted her over the incident.

The incident unfolded last week during a protest calling for a permanent ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war at San Jose’s Westfield Valley Fair Mall.

Widely-circulated video shows protesters walking in the mall while a woman looked down at them from an upper level. The woman stook her middle fingers up at the protesters and proceeded to spit on them.

A Black man who was holding a young girl's hand confronted the woman about the spitting to which she responded, “Don’t tell me what to do.” The man said she was spitting near his daughter, which the woman denied.

As the man walked away from the situation, the woman said, “F***ing Black people.”

The San Jose Police Department said in a statement that it's investigating the incident.

“The incident was never reported to us, but we have initiated an investigation into the incident," the department said. "We are still combing through evidence and will circle back if there are any significant updates.”

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