101-Year-Old Woman Set To Graduate College Alongside Granddaughter

Photo: Getty Images

A 101-year-old Virginia woman is set to graduate from college alongside her granddaughter.

According to reports, Sarah Simpkins, 101, recently completed her first semester of the early childhood education program at Brightpoint Community College, earning a 3.5 grade point average.

The achievement comes after Simpkins dropped out of college over 80 years ago due to pregnancy. At age 20, Simpkins was attending Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina when she became pregnant with her first child.

Simpkins later married and dedicated her life to raising 12 children, but still held onto the dream of going back to school.

At age 96, Simpkins moved from Brooklyn, New York to Virginia to live with her granddaughter, Halimah Shepherd-Crawford, who is also currently enrolled at the same college. The duo is set to graduate in May.

“It’s special because we both will finish together, and we’ll both walk across the stage together,” Shepherd-Crawford said. “It made us work harder. And that was our motivation. We’re gonna do this together. We’re gonna finish together.”

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