Jonathan Majors Says Meagan Good 'Held Me Down Like Coretta' During Trial

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In his first interview since being found guilty of assault and harassment, actor Jonathan Majors said his current partner, Meagan Good, has "held me down like Coretta" amid the fallout of the trial.

Majors appeared on Monday's (January 8) episode of Good Morning America just weeks after he was handed down a guilty verdict in connection to a March incident involving his former partner Grace Jabbari.

When asked if he was responsible for the injuries Jabarri sustained from the incident, Majors said “Can’t say that. None of her injuries.”

“I shouldn’t have been in the car. I shouldn’t have stepped out of the relationship. I shouldn’t have been in the relationship,” he said. “If I’m not in the car, none of this is happening.”

Jabbari testified that she was riding in a car with Majors on March 25, 2023, when she saw a text on his phone that read: Oh how I wish to be kissing you." Jabbari said she took the phone from Majors before he grabbed her arm and hand, twisted her forearm, and hit her head in an attempt to get it back. She also testified that he later threw her back into the car.

After last month's trial, Majors was found guilty of third-degree reckless assault and second-degree harassment. Majors said Monday he was “reckless with her heart. Not with her body.” The actor claimed he'd never hit a woman or participated in domestic abuse.

During Monday's interview, Majors brought up the injuries he sustained during the incident and noted that Jabbari chased him down the street after the altercation in the car.

Majors said he was “shocked at the verdict.”

“I was absolutely shocked and afraid,” he said Monday. “How is that possible? Based off the evidence, based off the prosecution’s evidence, let alone our evidence.”

Majors also addressed an audio recording played in court where he called himself a "great man" and urged Jabarri to be more like Michelle Obama and Coretta Scott King.

“It was me trying to give an analogy of what it is I’m aspiring to be. These great men, Martin, President Obama,” Majors explained. “I need her, in that case, Grace, to make the same sacrifices I am making.”

At one point during the interview, Majors said his current partner has been "an angel."

"She’s held me down like Coretta,” Majors said of Good.

Majors is set to be sentenced on February 6.

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