Black Couple Allegedly Attacked, Called Racial Slurs Following Car Crash

Photo: Getty Images

A Black couple was allegedly subjected to a racist attack following a car crash in Detroit, the Atlanta Black Star reports.

Social media account TizzyEnt posted details of the alleged incident which was said to have occurred on New Year's Day as a Black security guard was driving home from a bar with her boyfriend.

A car carrying what appeared to be a group of minors crashed into the guard's vehicle. After the crash, the guard called her mother while the driver of the other car told his mother, father, and stepfather to come to the scene, according to the social media post.

Upon arrival, the minor allegedly told his parents that the woman pointed a gun at their group. The woman was armed and licensed to carry as a security guard but she allegedly never brandished her weapon.

The two men and the minor then attacked the guard and her boyfriend, according to the social media post. Someone also got into the guard's vehicle and stole her phone before leaving the scene.

The encounter was recorded by the guard's family as she remained on the phone with her mom. In a recording, the alleged attackers can be heard saying: “I got her phone," “You beat the f**k out of that n****r dude," and “F**king Black people bro, they think they’re f**king superior just cause they’re Black.”

The Detroit Police Department said in a statement they've launched an investigation into the incident.

"The Detroit Police Department can confirm that the facts and circumstances of this incident are under investigation. If appropriate, a warrant request will be submitted to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office for a charging decision. The fact that certain individuals involved made racially inflammatory comments following the incident is very disturbing, and we understand that members of the community will find this hurtful. Our commitment is that all aspects of this incident will be thoroughly investigated, and a proper referral to the Prosecutor’s Office will be made."

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