'Ungrateful Black Kids': Principal Allegedly Goes On Racist Rant In Audio

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The Baltimore County Public Schools has launched an investigation into a high school principal who was allegedly caught saying racist remarks about Black and Jewish people in an audio recording, per the Baltimore Banner.

Pikesville High School Principal Eric Eiswert is accused of being the voice behind the audio recording circulating on social media.

“You know, I seriously don’t understand why I have to constantly put up with these dumba**es here every day?” Eiswert allegedly says in the audio. “Between these ungrateful Black kids who can’t test their way out of a paper bag or these teachers who don’t get it — how hard is it to get these students to meet their grade-level expectations?”

Eiswert can also allegedly be heard naming a staff member who "should have never been hired” and saying, “I’m gonna drag his Black a** out of here one way or another.”

“I’m just so sick of the inadequacies of these people,” the recording continues. “And if I have to get one more complaint from one more Jew in this community, I’m going to join the other side!”

The identity of the voice behind the recording hasn't been verified by district officials. Superindentent Myriam Rogers called the audio “deeply disturbing.”

“I understand how upsetting this recording is for many members of the Team BCPS community,” Rogers said. “We will not tolerate disparaging remarks about any member of the Team BCPS community.”

Officials from the Council of Administrative and Supervisory Employees, a union that represents school administrators, defended Eiswert, claiming the recording was AI-generated.

“The outrageous language in the audio is not the language, thoughts, or character of Principal Eiswert. He is an outstanding school leader who has daily demonstrated his commitment to the students, community, and faculty of Pikesville HS,” Billy Burke, the union's executive director, said.

“We believe that it is AI generated,” Burke added. “He did not say that.”

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