Black Councilwoman Who Contacted Police for Help Arrested For Felony

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A Black councilwoman in Georgia was arrested after calling police for help in a revenge porn case.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Commerce City Councilwoman Roshuanda Merritt was arrested on felony charges of marijuana distribution less than a month after being sworn into office.

The arrest stemmed from Merritt asking the Jackson County Sheriff's Office for help after someone allegedly posted inappropriate photos of her on social media.

“She reached out for help and filed a report about inappropriate photos. She was the victim,” Jackson County Sheriff Janis Mangum.

While investigating the case, the sheriff's office said they discovered evidence that pointed her to a different crime.

Mettitt allegedly sent a text message with a photo of four THC-infused gummies packages, saying "Let her know if anyone wanted to purchase said gummies."

“At that point, I stopped my investigation and requested the GBI,” Mangum said. “I felt like it would be best for them to become involved because of her position (on the Commerce City Council) and because she was a (Jackson County) school employee.”

The councilwoman is now being accused of selling the cannabinoid narcotics out of her home.

Jason Black, Merritt's attorney, questioned how police went from helping her to arresting her.

“How was a case able to be made against my client before they were able to solve a revenge porn situation where my client is the victim?” Black said. “And people wonder why nobody goes to the police for help.”

The lawyer said Merritt sent the texts before she was employed as a teacher or elected to city council.

“They charged her with conspiracy, except nobody knows what those pictures were. Are they THC or CBD or gummies out of a Captain Crunch box at the store?” Black questioned. “What they did was they made a whole lot of assumptions and claimed she was attempting to distribute THC and added the use of a telephone for basically asking, ‘Do you want one of these?’

Merritt was charged with criminal attempt to commit the sale of marijuana and use of a telecommunication facility to facilitate a felony. She turned herself in last week and was booked in Jackson County Jail.

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