‘You Want Next': Cop Kneels On Black Student Filming Arrest Of Another Teen

Photo: Getty Images

Body camera footage has been released of a school officer kneeling on a Black student who was recording the arrest of another teen in Las Vegas last year, per AP.

In the footage, a group of teens were filming the arrest of another teen before Clark County School District police Lt. Jason Elfberg approached them. Elberg grabbed one of the bystanders and put him in handcuffs.

“Hey, call my mama! I didn’t do anything!” the teen told the group.

Elberg then approached another teen who was recording the incident and said “You want next dude?”

“Don’t touch me, bro,” the bystander said before the officer pinned him to a metal fence and swung him onto the ground. Elfberg put both of his knees on the teen's back.

The group of teens told Elberg to "chill out" to which the officer responded, “Back the f-ck up!”

The officer was reportedly investigating an incident from the previous day when a student allegedly brandished a gun and threatened to "shoot up" a school. However, no weapons were found on the students approached by police.

“It reminded me of the George Floyd situation, how the way he had his knee on him,” student Deon Wallace said.

The release of the body camera footage came after the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada filed a lawsuit, demanding the school district publicly release information on the incident.

The Las Vegas NAACP has called for Elfberg to be fired. Elberg was reportedly reassigned to "other duties" amid an investigation into the incident.

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