Lawsuit Filed After White Tenant Spat on Black Woman, Tried To Run Her Over

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The D.C. District Attorney General's Office is suing a property manager after they failed to take action against a white tenant who harassed and threatened his Black neighbors.

According to ABC 7, a 15-page lawsuit was filed by the DA's office against UDR, Inc., a District property manager, over its failure to address racial abuse at Waterside Towers Apartments.

The lawsuit cites the behavior of Gueorgui Iskrenov, who was found guilty in February 2023 of federal hate crimes after he attempted to run over his Black neighbor and her dog. Iskrenov also was accused of hurling racial slurs and spitting on the woman.

The DA alleged that the property manager failed to take action against Iskrenov following his initial arrest. Court documents further claim that UDR management had received multiple complaints from Black tenants in 2020 and failed to provide alternative options, inform other Waterside Towers tenants, or implement safety measures.

In April 2020, one tenant reported that Iskrenov's dog jumped on her in an elevator while the man called her a "Black b***h,” a “n****r," and "c**t,” and said, “Black lives matter n****r."

A UDR employee allegedly told the victim they would "get around to it" but nothing was done.

In July 2020, another Black tenant reported that Iskrenov called her and her daughter, “Popeye’s chicken eating N****r.”

Iskrenov voluntarily moved out of Waterside Towers in October 2020.

The DA's office said the property manager's failure to respond violated the Consumer Protection Procedures Act (CPPA) and D.C.'s Human Rights Act.

"UDR’s failure to counsel, discipline, or evict Iskrenov, or take any other action to address his intimidating and harassing behavior or remedy the fear it was intended to spawn, denied UDR’s Black female tenants use and enjoyment of their homes equal to that of UDR’s non-Black and non-female tenants," the lawsuit states.

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