Fox News Host Suggests Trump Will Win Over Black Voters With New Sneakers

Photo: Getty Images

A Fox News host is facing backlash for suggesting that former President Donald Trump will win over Black America with his new sneakers ahead of the 2024 election.

According to TMZ, Fox News' Raymond Arroyo said Trump's limited edition sneakers will garner him more favor with Black people because "they love sneakers."

"This is connecting with Black America because they love sneakers. This is a big deal, certainly in the inner city. So when you have Trump roll out his sneaker line, they're like, 'Wait a minute, this is cool.' He's reaching them on a level that defies and is above politics," Arroyo said on air.

1,000 pairs of Trump's "Never Surrender" sneakers, which cost roughly $400 each, recently dropped and quickly sold out.

Detroit rapper Peezy appeared to agree with Arroyo's comments, saying on social media that he endorses Trump and that he is looking for a size 13 in the sold-out sneakers.

"F*** Joe Biden, I'm rocking with Trump," Peezy said, adding "F*** Kamala Harris."

"Free Trump," the rapper declared.

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