Donald Trump Jr. Said Several Black Men Called Him Their 'Hero'

Donald Trump Jr. Campaigns For His Father At The Bull Moose Conservative Club In Urbandale, Iowa

Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. said several Black men consider him a "hero" while discussing his father Donald Trump's presidential campaign. During a recent episode of his show "Triggered," the former president's son was talking to guest Scott Presler about the GOP frontrunner expanding his reach to Black voters.

While Trump Jr. remarked that Republicans usually avoid canvassing in "urban environments," he then claimed several Black men approached him during his visits to the countryside.

“I have seen and witnessed now more than ever the amount of African-American men that have come up to me literally like, ‘Hey, man, you’re my hero,'” Trump Jr. said. “I’m like ‘What!? Really?’ I did not have that in my bingo card.”

He then echoed recent rhetoric made by his father about Democrats failing Black Americans amid his legal battles across the country. Trump Jr. claims Black voters are "catching on" to the "rigged system," noting a "palpable" shift in political stances.

Recent polls show President Joe Biden boasts a higher favorable rating than Trump among Black voters despite losing support from the base since 2020. Experts also noted that Trump has been gradually gaining more support in the demographic.

Last week, a Fox News host suggested Trump could attract more Black voters after the former president dropped a limited-edition sneaker line.

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