Uber Driver Dodges Bullets After Passenger Enters Car In Viral Video

Photo: Getty Images

An Uber driver has gone viral for dodging bullets after a passenger entered his vehicle in Chicago, per Storyful.

In a video that's gone viral, Uber driver John Williams was picking up a woman from the West Garfield Park neighborhood on March 17 when he was urged to quickly drive off.

“Go, go, go! He [is going to] shoot up the car,” the passenger said as she ducked in the backseat.

“Shoot up the car?” Williams asked, to which the woman responded, “Yeah, go!”

In the video, gunfire rang out as Williams took off.

“What the f**k was that?” the driver said.

“He just shot the car,” the woman replied.

The passenger didn't provide any additional details about the situation but said she would call 911.

After the woman made the call, Williams said the two waited in a nearby area for police to arrive. The driver said he later decided to pull off as he grew increasingly “startled and alarmed."

“Feeling increasingly uneasy and fearing for our safety, I made the difficult decision to inform [the passenger] that I couldn’t wait for the police any longer,” he said. “Ensuring her safety became my top priority.”

According to reports, William completed the ride and continued to pick up other passengers. There are currently no official police reports of the shooting, per Storyful.

Watch video of the incident here.

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