Tiger Woods Has 'Eliminated Sex' To Focus On Masters, Friend Says

Photo: Getty Images

Tiger Woods is reportedly abstaining from sex to get ready for the Masters.

According to the New York Post, a friend of the golf legend revealed all the ways Woods is preparing for the Masters Tournament, which is set to begin on April 11.

"He's working really hard in the gym," the friend said, per the New York Post. "He's eating right. He's even eliminated sex."

"He does that now when he's preparing," they added. "No sex until the tournament is over. He doesn’t want anything to take away his focus."

When asked about the star athlete's relationship status, Woods' friend said “There’s no one to speak of,” per the Post.

Woods hasn't formally announced that he's playing in the Masters, but the friend confirmed he's competing. The golfer was spotted playing a round earlier this week at Augusta National, where the tournament is held.

This year would mark the 26th time that Woods competed in the Masters. He last won the tournament in 2019.

Last year, Woods withdrew from the Masters after 54 holes due to plantar fasciitis.

“The Masters is Tiger’s must-play event every year,” Woods' friend said, per the Post. “He’s working very hard, spending hours in the gym, practicing, taking care of himself. He wants to play, and he always plays to win.”

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