Deion Sanders Schools Colorado Team After Receiving Heated Professor Letter

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Colorado head coach Deion Sanders schooled his players on their behavior outside of football after receiving a heated letter from a professor.

In a video that's gone viral, Sanders read aloud a letter from a Colorado professor, who appeared to call out some of his players for being disrespectful in the classroom.

"This semester has been extremely challenging for me as a professor," Sanders read during a team meeting. "I have never felt so disrespected in my ten years of teaching. Students do not follow even minimally, and it slows down my class so much. They make it clear that they don't want to be here and have very little personal responsibility."

The professor also noted that players were "present but not really in class."

"You on the field, but you ain't doing nothing," Sanders told his players in response to the letter. "You in a relationship but you ain't got no love. You at the mall but you ain't got no money. Got a lot of ability but no darn talent."

In the video, Sanders emphasized the harsh reality that many of his college players won't make it to the NFL.

"I’m a little frustrated. I’m a little angry right now, because … we got youngsters that’s all in on one side of the game," Sanders said. "Ninety percent or 95% of your roster ain’t going pro. So, coaches, we gotta emphasize education. We gotta emphasize life. We gotta emphasize the next step, the next elevation if it don’t work in the game."

The former NFL star closed his lecture by reminding his players that they'll get more out of his program than just football.

"You gonna get something out of this," Sanders said. "You gonna be a man or you're going to be a great football player. Since you choose not to be a great football player, we gotta make you men."

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