Disturbing Video Shows Cop Attacking Black Bystander Filming Arrest

Photo: Getty Images

A disturbing video has surfaced of California police abandoning a suspect to attack a Black bystander filming the arrest.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the incident unfolded on May 5 after Richmond police had engaged in a high-speed chase with a driver. The pursuit ended with the driver parking outside a store and exiting the vehicle.

Kwesi Guss, a bystander who had previously filmed police encounters, was near the scene and began recording when he heard cop sirens. As he was filming the scene, police appeared to dismiss the high-speed chase and attack Guss.

Security footage from the store shows an officer running around the back of his cruiser and into Guss instead of toward the parked car from the pursuit.

“Get out of the f**king way,” the officer ordered Guss, per the San Francisco Chronicle.

“Shut your b***h a** up,” Guss allegedly replied.

The officer then appeared to shove the bystander repeatedly until a woman ran over to intervene.

In the footage, a second officer joined the encounter and helped his colleague handcuff Guss, kicking the man to his knees in the process.

Video of the scene doesn't include audio.

“I felt the asphalt just cutting in my face,” Guss said, per the Chronicle.

The police encounter reportedly left Guss with cheek abrasion and bruised ribs. Guss accused officers of "manhandling" him for allegedly resisting arrest.

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