Man Accused Of Shooting At Black Woman While Yelling Racial Slur At Kroger

Photo: Getty Images

An Indiana man is facing charges after he recorded himself brandishing a handgun before walking through a grocery store and looking for people to shoot.

Richard Kevin Klaff Jr. was charged with attempted murder and criminal recklessness in connection to the incident that occurred at a Kroger in Fort Wayne last month, per the Atlanta Black Star.

In a video posted on Facebook Live, Klaff allegedly loaded a gun in the store's bathroom. Klaff then reportedly left the restroom and walked to the store's main shopping area where he looked for potential shooting victims.

“I’m going out with a bang, n*****,” the man said on the livestream.

After approaching the store bakery, Klaff is accused of saying "I see one" before shooting at a Black customer and two employees. The suspect then fled the scene shouting “bitch n*****," footage shows.

During the shooting, Klaff fired six shots, but no one was injured.

Klaff allegedly admitted to police that he “always wanted to kill somebody,"

“That’s all I wanted to do. I was supposed to go to the military, I couldn’t wait on that obviously,” Klaff said, according to police.

He is currently being held at a local jail without bond.

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