Congressional Candidate Jeannine Lee Lake Reports Series Of Racist Threats

Officers in Muncie, Indiana are investigating possible gunfire that may have targeted congressional candidate Jeannine Lee Lake. On Thursday, Lake drove a campaign vehicle downtown to meet with other Democrats. After parking her car, Lake reports hearing several loud thuds. Nearby, another witness says that several bullets may have flown over her car. Soon thereafter, police were called to the scene.

"I'm scared," Lake said.

"I have to be honest, I'm scared. I'm not sure about campaigning right now."

Arriving on the scene, local officers investigated the matter, but did not find any suspects related to the incident.

"Officers did not locate any injured parties, damage to vehicles or other property, shell casings or projectile," Muncie Police Department Assistant Police Chief Melissa Please said.

Lake also investigated the incident shortly thereafter. Streaming on Facebook Live, Lake interviewed local business owner Stan Stephens and two other men. The trio did say that they heard gunshots nearby, but could not identify any traces of gunfire on Lake's car.

"I did hear it hit pretty solid metal somewhere," Stephens said.

Lake is worried that the nearby gunshots may be more than a coincidence. In the final months of her congressional run against Mike Pence's brother, Greg Pence, she says she has received a number of racist messages and phone calls. Lake also says that parts of her property have been vandalized and that she has received suspicious packages.

"I'm white and you're nothing but a loud mouth fricken' [racial slur]," one person said in a phone message.

As election day nears, Lake says that these repeated incidents have taken a toll on her.

"It's taking a toll on me," she said.

"I hate to say that because I'm typically a strong person and I'm a person of faith."

Photo: Getty Images

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