RNC Chief Of Staff Tests Positive For COVID-19

Another member of the Republican Party has tested positive for COVID-19. Thus far, Senior Adviser Corey Lewandowski, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson have tested positive for the virus this month. Now, Republican National Committee Chief of Staff Richard Walters has contracted coronavirus.

A member of the RNC has stated that Walters “is following CDC guidance and notifying staff who came in contact with him.” The Republican Party also noted that Walters was not at the White House's election night event. Deemed to be a super spreader, Meadows, Carson and Lewandowski all contracted the virus after attending. It is unclear if Walters came in contact with any attendees of the event in the days following the election.

The Republican Party is not new to COVID-19 outbreaks. Last month, President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and several others contracted the virus after attending an event in the White House's Rose Garden. Ultimately, more than a dozen people caught the virus and the President was relegated to hospital care for several days.

Adding on, the Republican President has been tied to many positive COVID-19 tests outside of Washington, D.C. A study from Stanford University found that Trump's rallies could be connected to 30,000 positive coronavirus tests and 700 COVID-19 related deaths.

As COVID-19 outbreaks persist within the Republican Party, the country copes with a lengthy pandemic. This year, the country has experienced more than 10 million confirmed coronavirus cases and 240,000 virus related deaths.

Unfortunately, the President continues to lie about the country's handling of the pandemic by telling citizens that we are "rounding the corner." Since making that statement, the country has set its single-day COVID-19 confirmed case record more than four times. Making matters worse, it's bene set three times this month.

Photo: Getty Images

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