Florida Woman Who Shot Unannounced Cop Stood Her Ground, Lawyer Says

In September of this year, Diamonds Ford and her fiancé Anthony Gantt were arrested after a Jacksonville, Florida police officer was shot while serving a warrant. Police say Ford wounded an officer after firing a gun through a window. 

According to Ford’s account, she and Gantt were asleep at the time officers tried to serve the high-risk search warrant. They were awakened by the sound of breaking glass. 

Ford says the officers did not immediately announce themselves, and according to a report by News4Jax, the officer was hit several times, but was saved by a bulletproof vest. 

Ford released a statement through her attorneys, Wade Rolle and Stephen Kelly in the hopes of clearing her name. 

“She had no idea it was law enforcement in her home. Once they made their announcement, she complied,” Kelly told News4Jax

Ford’s attorneys hope the 911 call recording will prove she didn’t know she was firing at police, but that she was standing her ground, which is permissible under Florida’s law. 

The details of this case are tragically similar to the circumstances that led to the killing of Breonna Taylor

No-knock and high-risk warrants have come under fire after Taylor’s killing and incidents similar to Ford’s situation, because of the lethal situations they create for residents and law enforcement.

Ford and Gantt were arrested following the incident on charges of drug possession with intent to sell. Ford also received a charge for attempted murder of a police officer. They both are currently in jail awaiting trial. 

Photo: Getty Images

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