House Democrats Unveil Bill To Improve Diversity In The State Department

House Democrats have introduced legislature aimed at improving diversity within the U.S. State Department. Among other goals, the Diversity and Inclusion at the Department of State Act hopes to establish a Chief Diversity Officer within the Secretary of State's office. The bill also hopes to increase diversity at the leadership level and add more people and women of color to key entrance boards. Thus far, key U.S. Representatives like Deb Haaland and Joaquin Castro have backed the measure.

“For years, the State Department has failed to look like the face of our country and the lack of diversity in the diplomatic corps is appalling,” Castro said.

“The Diversity and Inclusion at the Department of State Act will increase accountability for retaining and promoting a diverse diplomatic workforce that both better reflects our values and also advances our interests around the world.”

Outside of Holland and Castro, a number of influential organizations have issued their support for the bill. The Center for American Progress, Open Society Foundations, the Truman National Security Project, Foreign Policy for America and Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security have all backed the bill.

“With these changes, we can have the best of America at the decision making table,” former U.S. Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley said.

“We will finally put the foundation in place that allows the Department of State to achieve substantial success in its stated aims: Having America’s representatives look like America.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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