Facebook Lifts Ban On Political Ads For Georgia Senate Runoffs

Facebook has lifted its ban on political ads in the state of Georgia. At this time, ads pertaining to Senate runoff elections in the state of Georgia will be allowed on the social media platform. However, ads that do not pertain to runoff elections or are geared toward locations outside of Georgia will not be allowed.

This news comes roughly a month after Google and Facebook banned political ads on their platforms following the presidential election. Leading the way, Google moved to lift its ban on Thursday. Facebook followed suit after criticism from several political leaders. Miryam Lipper, a campaign spokesperson for Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff, said that ads on the platform were responsible for spreading "rampant disinformation" that "disproportionately impacts communities of color." She later added that maintaining the ban was a "form of voter suppression."

Ossoff, Raphael Warnock, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue will face off for the nation's final Senate seats on January 5. Ossoff will take on Perdue after the incumbent fell just a few thousand votes of securing re-election. Polls now put the two candidates at a stalemate. Meanwhile, Warnock appears to be the favorite against Loeffler after besting her by seven points last month.

As we near the election, early voting kicks off around the state. While the four candidates disagree on most subjects, they all agree that it is imperative that residents from around the state, get out, vote and make sure their voice is heard.

“Everything’s at stake in this election. It’s the future of the country," Loeffler said.

“It is as urgent as ever and we need everybody to turn out and vote," Warnock added.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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