Two Buildings Evacuated As Trump Supporters Storm U.S. Capitol

Update: (1/6/21 at 3:00 p.m.): Chaos continues in Washington, D.C. as rioters storm the United States Capitol. Over the last hour, reports have surfaced regarding a shooting near the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. Details regarding the shooting remain few and far between, but it appears that a young woman was shot in the chest while attempting to enter the floor. Elsewhere, additional reports indicate that Rep. Nancy Pelosi's office was broken into and a folder with a message reading, "We will not back down," was left on her desk. As a result, National Guard troops from Washington, D.C. and Virginia have been deployed. Police officers from Montgomery County in Maryland have also been asked to come help maintain order.

Published (1/6/21 at 1:37 p.m.): Supporters of President Donald Trump have caused a bit of chaos on Capitol Hill this afternoon. As politicians prepare to debate the results of this year's Electoral College, protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol. Clashing with police, the incident resulted in two federal buildings being placed on lockdown

“Move in a safe manner to the exits,” police yelled to those inside the Cannon House Building.

"Take visitors, escape hoods, and Go Kits!"

Protesters stormed the Capitol on one of the most contentious days of the young year. Members of both the House and Senate are poised to either certify or decertify the results of November's election. While insider reporters suggest there is little likelihood that the results will be overturned, outside influences may alter debates and final votes. Still, members of the GOP remain steadfast in their resolve to maintain the results of the election and move forward with the Biden-Harris administration.

"To those storming the Capitol - I am on the House floor and I will not be deterred from upholding my oath, under God, to the Constitution by mob demand,” Rep. Chip Roy said.

“Though doing so may frustrate our immediate political objectives, we have sworn an oath to promote the Constitution above our policy goals. We must count the electoral votes submitted by the states," Reps. Chip Roy and Thomas Massie added in a separate letter.

With the situation continuing to escalate, members of congress have decided to pause their debate on the electoral college. Also, congressional staffers have been asked to stay in their offices as protesters have entered multiple federal buildings.

At this time, there is no word as to when the debate regarding the electoral college results will continue. President Donald Trump has not yet commented on the matter, but Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has issued a 6 p.m. citywide curfew.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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