Houston Police Department Cuts Ties With Officer Who Participated In Riots

The Houston Police Department has cut ties with an officer who participated in the Capitol Hill riots on January 6. Houston Police Department Chief Art Acevedo stated that the unnamed officer will attend a disciplinary hearing within the next 48 hours. At this time, the Houston Police Department has not shared the name of the officer in question. Furthermore, Acevedo did not state if the officer entered the Capitol or committed any violent acts, but he did suggest that his actions warrant criminal charges.

“I can tell you there is a high probability this individual will be charged with federal charges, and rightfully so," Acevedo said.

Thus far, the department has not has revealed how they came to find out about the officer's involvement, but Acevedo did report that the officer traveled alone. Also, the officer in question is a veteran of the force who has been allowed to serve for nearly two decades.

“So far we believe the individual traveled alone," Acevedo added.

The fallout from the infamous Capitol Hill riots has been swift and severe. More than fifty people were arrested on January 6 and dozens more were placed on "no-fly" lists that prevented them from flying home.

As the country nears Inauguration Day, security measures have been revamped. Nearly 20,000 National Guard officers are expected to be in the nation's capital on January 20. Moreover, the Secret Service has expanded its security detail for Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris and President-Elect Joe Biden. Also, AirBnb has canceled all reservations during the Inauguration to reduce the number of travelers in the nation's capital. Most recently, the U.S. House of Representatives moved to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time after he encouraged citizens to head to the Capitol prior to the riots.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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