Republican Rep. Andy Harris Tried To Bring A Gun Into The House Chamber

In the aftermath of the attack on the US Capitol, new security measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the nation’s Congress members. 

On Thursday (January 21), those same safety measures kept Republican Rep. Andy Harris from bringing a gun onto the House floor. 

Harris, who represents Maryland’s 1st Congressional District, set off the metal detectors while entering the building, prompting police officers to wand him down. They found a gun concealed by his suit jacket. 

The officer denied Harris entry and reached for his own weapon, signaling to other officers that Harris had a weapon. 

According to an account from a witness, Harris tried to hand off the weapon to another representative entering the building so that he could go inside and vote on President Joe Biden’s pick for Defense Secretary, retired Army General Lloyd Austin.

The representative, Rep. John Katko, a Republican from New York, refused to take the gun, citing that he didn’t have “a license” to carry, as reported by the Huffington Post

Harris left and returned about 10 minutes later, this time, he didn’t set off the metal detectors and was granted entry. 

Harris, along with several other Republicans have previously complained about the added security following the deadly insurrection on January 6.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she’s going to impose a fine of $5,000 if any member walks around the metal detectors. A fine of $10,000 will be imposed for a member’s second offense. 

The nation’s capital remains on high alert, even as Biden begins his term in office

Photo: Getty Images

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