Gorilla Glue Round Two: Louisiana Man Lands In ER After Gluing Cup To Lips

It looks like it’s Gorilla Glue round two after a Louisiana man lands in the emergency room after he tried starting the “Gorilla Glue Challenge.” 

“Y’all pray for me,” Len Martin said in a video he posted to social media. In the video, Martin was in the emergency room and said doctors were discussing the possibility of “cutting the tips of my lips off in surgery.” 

Martin thought Tessica Brown, who went viral for her super glue hair saga, was “making that story up.” Brown, who became known as “Gorilla Glue Girl,” online made headlines after she showed her hair being rock solid in a TikTok video, explaining that she’d used the spray version of the powerful adhesive instead of her normal hair spray. 

Brown had surgery on Wednesday night (February 10) and was finally able to run her fingers through her hair after over a month of it being stuck. 

In spite of her story, Martin filmed himself gluing a red Solo cup to his lips. Before doing so, he’d hatched a plan to simply “lick it off,” as reported by the Biloxi Sun Herald

“It’s real,” Martin wrote on Facebook. “I don’t know why I tried it.” 

So far, Martin said doctors had to do a “painful peeling” to get the cup off his upper lip. 

Martin is not new to challenges, however. According to the New York Post, Martin also participated in the “ice cream challenge,” back in 2019 that had public health officials, ice cream companies, and grocery stores worried about the risks involved with licking ice cream cartons and putting them back on the shelf. 

Martin told the outlet he didn’t do this latest stunt for attention. “I would never want to stick no Gorilla Glue to my lip and have it stuck there and go through all the situations that I had to go through,” he said. 

“I didn’t think it would go this far… You got Valentine’s Day coming up. I can’t even kiss my lip,” he added. 

Martin is warning others against trying it out. “This isn’t the challenge you want to try,” he told WVLA-TV

Photo: Getty Images 

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