Tessica Brown Gives First Interview Following Gorilla Glue Saga

“I haven’t smiled in I don’t know how long, like I am good. I am good,” Tessica Brown, known online as “Gorilla Glue Girl” said in her first interview following her surgery. Brown, who lives in Louisiana, flew to California to get a four-hour procedure to remove Gorilla Glue spray out of her hair. 

It’s been more than a month after Tessica says she put the spray adhesive in her hair, a trip to the emergency room, and now, she’s been relieved from the ordeal. 

Tessica joined "Big Boy's Neighborhood" on Real 92.3 in Los Angeles virtually to talk about what happened and how she’s doing. 

“First off, what were you trying to do to your hair?” the radio host asked. “Well... after I do my hair, to keep it all in place, I use the Go2B Glued spray, but after I didn’t have any more of that, and my son had my car… and I was rushing trying to get out the house,” Brown explained. “I’m running all over, trying to figure out something, and when I went past the refrigerator, [the Gorilla Glue] was right there,” she said. 

“And I [was] like ‘I could spray this, and by the time I come home, wash it out, it’ll be all good,’” she added. During the interview, she shared that she even had that super glue spray in the first place because she'd used it for Christmas decorations. The decorations came down after a while, she said, “so who would’ve thought it was going to work that good?” she said. 

Big Boy asked how much she actually sprayed on her hair. Brown shared the she not only sprayed her hair, she took the back of her comb and patted it into the style, “and then I blow dried it,” she said. 

Tessica said it took her a week before she finally told her mom and sister what happened and they tried “every oil” imaginable to try to get the glue out, to no avail. “This is why [my hair] was so shiny,” she said, referring to all of the oil they’d put on her to try and bring relief. 

Tessica said during the ordeal, she dealt with headaches, and finally got some relief when her sister was able to cut off her ponytail after using super glue remover. 

During the interview, Tessica denied the rumor that she’s preparing to bring a lawsuit against the Gorilla Glue company, adding that she’s not sure where people got their information from.

In response to the social media attention, she said some of the comments were hurtful, and as a result, she'd cry in the bathroom. She also feared that her children might be affected by the national attention. 

At first, Tessica said she didn’t find some of the memes being reposted on social media by celebrities funny. But after she was able to get her ponytail cut off, she found memes like the one shared by Cardi B “cute” because of the concept of her new song “Up” and Tessica’s predicament of being “stuck.” 

Tessica showed off her hair on camera, and said she’s still receiving medical treatments in Los Angeles to fix part of her hair and scalp that were affected by the adhesive. Under doctor’s orders, she can’t put anything in her hair for six weeks, but says someone is making her a wig. 

When asked if she’s done with glue, Tessica had this to say: 

“I’m done with glue. Elmer’s glue [too].” 

Check out the full interview on Big Boy's YouTube page here.

Photo: Tessica Brown Instagram Page @im_d_ollady

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