This Boutique Owner Sells Uplifting Hoodies To Help The Homeless

Black Americans across the nation have come up with clever and creative ways to help their communities. A Houston woman is doing her part by designing and selling hoodies.

RoseMary Tucker is the founder of Blessties USA, a boutique based in Cypress, Texas, and the Hoodies4Healing Foundation. Hoodies4Healing started as an initiative to help Tucker's daughter DyAnna. According to a Facebook post, DyAnna developed a cyst on her brain that needed immediate surgery.

Blessties has been open for 2015, where she created apparel and accessories with inspirational and powerful messages. Tucker used the concept to craft hoodies with uplifting words and sell them for fundraising.

“I was already going to the printers; I already work with a graphic designer; I already put strong, spiritual quotes on apparel,” Tucker told Chron. “I just woke up one day and said, ‘I’m going to do Hoodies for Healing to raise the funds for my daughter’s medical expenses,’ and it just took off.”

Tucker reportedly raised over $60,000 for the surgery from selling hoodies, a GoFundMe campaign and community support. Afterwards, she dedicated Healing4Hoodies to those in need. BlackNews wrote that she “made a promise to God that after her daughter’s successful surgery, she would spend her time helping others in need continuously.”

When you visit, you can see a variety of hoodies and face masks in different colors. Messages on the apparel vary between "I Am Healed," "Gotta Believe" and "Walk By Faith."

A proceed of every hoodie sold will be reportedly used to help homeless people. After the hardship wrought by the events of 2020, everyone needs a little uplifting message, and Tucker said she hopes her hoodies can do so.

Photo: Getty Images

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