Mike Evans Donates $50,000 To United Way To Assist Texas Storm Victims

Growing up, Mike Evans was surely told, "To whom much is given, much is expected in return," growing up. This saying often manifests itself in talented players looking to work hard and shoulder more of the responsibility for their team. This time around, that line of thinking may have inspired an NFL star to give back to the community that helped raise him.

After a winter storm caught much of the state of Texas by surprise in February, Mike Evans began searching for ways to help. Eventually, he landed on United Way in his hometown of Galveston, Texas. He donated $37,500 to the organization to help out with food and other essentials.

“We’re so thankful that the foundation entrusted us with these much-needed funds for Galveston families,” United Way of Galveston Executive Director Lindsey White said.

“Their decision to support our community as we’re reeling from the compounded effects of the pandemic and the winter storm will have a huge impact on those that call Galveston home.”

Evans did not stop there. He then donated $12,500 to the Johnny Mitchell Boys & Girls Club of Galveston.

“The Galveston community has been so supportive of me throughout my career,” Evans said.

“After I heard about the destruction the winter storm caused, I knew I had to do something to give that same support back.”

The Galveston native also does what he can to make his hometown proud on the field. Last season he brought in 70 catches and racked up more than 1,000 receiving yards. He also piled up a career-high 13 touchdowns. Not to mention, he and the Buccaneers brought home the franchise's first Super Bowl title since January 2003. Evans and the Buccaneers will look to defend that title this upcoming season.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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