Judah Officer Makes History As He Enters The U.S. Space Force

Judah Officer has officially sworn in as a member of the United States Space Force. By doing so, Judah Officer becomes the first Black man from the state of Indiana to join the United States Space Force, an independent body formed under the Trump administration in December 2019

“I feel like being the first African American applicant in Indianapolis, and Indiana perhaps, is like really, really big,” Officer told CBS 4 in Indianapolis.

“I just can’t get the words for it. It feels really great to be able to do it and be able to represent myself, my family, and the people that support me.”

Working for a space agency is a dream that Officer has had for some time now. His parents, James and Patricia, have watched closely with pride as their son turned his dream into a reality.

“His path has almost like chased him down. So, it’s amazing to see that come to fruition, to see the pride in his face, to see the length in his gait. It just makes me very proud as a father," James Officer III said.

“I was like this is such an opportunity and for it to fall at your feet is such a God thing. We were just so appreciative and proud that he was chosen for this opportunity," Patricia Officer added.

In this new role, Officer will work primarily on communication systems and help track weather systems. He will also help monitor any threats to the U.S. and its allies.

“It really focuses a lot on the communication systems, things as small as the satellites in the air and being able to have space operators that track those, as well as be able to use those satellites to maintain communication anywhere in the world,” Sergeant Joseph Saucier said.

“Be able to track weather systems for aircraft, and things along those lines. Be able to monitor any potential threats to the US homeland or our allies.”

Next up, Officer will spend seven weeks training in San Antonio, Texas. Then, he will be transferred to Biloxi, Mississippi.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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