Whoopi Goldberg Covers The Inaugural Issue Of 'Black Cannabis Magazine'

Entertainment manager Hazey Taughtme has announced the launch of his latest project, Black Cannabis Magazine. Coming just in time for the unofficial holiday of 4/20, the magazine highlights Black and indigenous entrepreneurs shaping the expanding cannabis industry. Celebrating the magazine's release, actress and television host Whoopi Goldberg has graced the cover of the inaugural issue.

"It's an honor to grace the very first cover of Black Cannabis Magazine," Goldberg said.

"As a long-time cannabis advocate and entrepreneur, I'm happy to support the launch of a new publication focused on starting conversations and covering issues that educate, entertain, and inspire people of color in the cannabis community."

Beyond gracing the cover, Goldberg is spotlighted within the inaugural issue as well. Sitting down for an exclusive interview, Goldberg opens up about her cannabis-focused management brand, Emma & Clyde by WHOOPFAM. The inaugural issue also features a story about Corvain Cooper, a man who was released from prison after his marijuana-related life sentence was commuted. Not to mention, the magazine also explores Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter's cannabis brand, Monogram. Through these unique stories, Black Cannabis Magazine hopes to distinguish itself as the "first quarterly publication by and for people of color in [the] cannabis [industry]."

"The legal cannabis industry so many of us enjoy and benefit from today is deeply rooted in Black culture, yet until now there's been no prominent media source focused on supporting and celebrating the many contributions people of color are making to move the industry forward," Hazey Taughtme said.

"To have true social equity in cannabis, you first need an equal share of voice. I founded Black Cannabis Magazine as a must-read cultural hub and content mecca highlighting Black excellence in cannabis."

Capping off the magazine's successful release, Hazey Taughtme plans to host an invitation-only red-carpet event on April 20 in Los Angeles, California.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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