Viral Videos Featuring Black People That Caught The World's Attention

Viral videos have become a daily part of life. Sometimes they stick around for years to come, while others last mere days before they fade from people's minds. No matter how long they're relevant, they will always become a permanent part of the Internet. Some Black people, from celebrities and athletes to everyday folks, had their image elevated thanks to some popular videos they were involved in this year.

Gorilla Glue Girl

Tessica Brown took the whole world by storm with her infamous TikToks earlier this year. Brown was looking for an alternative to cement the slicked-back ponytail style for her hair. She got much more than she bargained for when she said she used gorilla glue spray to complete the process. Not only could her hair not move for over a month, but she had to get surgery to let her hair free!

The Weeknd's Halftime Show

People got excited when it was announced The Weeknd would perform at Super Bowl LV's halftime show. They weren't prepared for what came afterwards. Within minutes of the spectacle, people were flooding social media with videos and photos of the "Blinding Lights" singer walking around golden-lit hallways in a disoriented manner. The captions were even more hilarious, and some outlets are saying it's one of the best memes of the year so far.

Nia Dennis Dazzles The World

Stepping away from the unusual and funny stuff, we're now highlighting some Black excellence. UCLA Gymnast Nia Dennis caught the attention of millions for expressing her Black culture during a floor routine in January. The video generated millions of views since it was first posted online. Not only did she lay down the moves, but she did it to the beat of music from acclaimed Black artists, including Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, 2pac and Megan Thee Stallion.

Photos: Getty Images

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