Instagram Adds Pronoun Section To Profiles

Social media apps are seemingly changing every day. Recently, Twitter moved to add "Spaces" and remove automatic cropping. Elsewhere, Triller is venturing into live content with Verzuz and Fite TV. Now, Instagram is looking to make changes of its own. The Facebook-owned photo-centric app is adding pronouns to its user profile. This meaningful transformation will allow non-binary users to properly identify themselves on the popular application. Instagram will provide the following options for users: he/him, she/her and they/them.

"We are giving people more tools to express themselves on Instagram," a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable.

"Sharing pronouns has been widely adopted by our community, and with this feature we hope to normalize the adoption further."

The option to add pronouns to profiles is currently only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Users can add up to four pronouns at a time and choose to make them available only to those who follow them. At this time, it's unclear as to when these options will be available in other countries. In its early stages, this appears to be an appreciated shift.

“Pronouns matter, and adding inclusive pronouns to a contact form is more than just a demonstration of allyship," GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis told TODAY.

"Research has shown that recognition and respect of our pronouns can make all the difference for our health and wellbeing — especially when it comes to LGBTQ youth."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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