High School Senior Jada Brown Breaks Record With Nearly 150 College Offers

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There are not many things that people have 141 of. Some people may have more than $141 in their bank account. Others may have more than 141 unanswered messages sitting in the junk or spam folder of their email account. Meanwhile, Jada Brown of New Orleans is busy mulling through 141 college acceptance letters. Yes, you read that correctly, Eighteen year old Jada Brown has received acceptance letters from nearly 150 colleges and universities from across the country. Adding to the accomplishment of receiving 141 college acceptance letters, the Louisiana native has also received $5 million in scholarship offers. To top it all off, she received a special visit from Louisiana Governor Bill Cassidy.

“I’m very happy, blessed, thankful. I was a little overwhelmed but now I’m good,” Brown said about the experience of receiving so many college acceptance letters.

After graduating from the International High School of New Orleans, Brown will continue her studies at Louisiana State University in nearby Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While there, Brown hopes to begin working towards becoming a dentist. As Brown continues to make her way through school and chase her dreams, she hopes to encourage others to do the same. Maybe, there will be a New Orleans native that will earn 150 college offers one day.

“Never give up. Never let anybody’s opinions on you dictate your life. So don’t let anyone’s opinions control what you do in life, just do it for you. This is your life. Live it and don’t give up,” Brown told WDSU in Louisiana.

Brown will begin classes at LSU in August.

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