COVID-19 Vaccines Distributed At Florida Businessman's Funeral

A Healthcare Worker Prepares a Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine.

Photo: Digital Vision

Marquis Davis passed away from COVID-19 complications last month. Now a Florida community is honoring his memory by spreading awareness about the disease.

COVID-19 testing and vaccinations were provided at Davis' wake and memorial, according to The Grio. Charnese Davis, his widow, said the family's church, Faith Temple Christian Center in Rockledge, Florida, came up with the idea.

“Now we’re seeing things completely shift with this Delta variant. [Marquis] was 28 years old, had the rest of his life in front of him, and because of COVID-19, specifically this delta variant, and he was not vaccinated, his life was cut short,” Dr. R. Shaun Ferguson, pastor of Faith Temple Christian Center. “Our position as a church is let’s get this cut. Let’s do this. I don’t want to see another person lose their life, period.”

Charnese Davis shared that Marquis, the owner of Davis Flawless Lawns, wasn't vaccinated when he contracted COVID-19. The man was reportedly hospitalized after some time after he tested positive, and even spent six days on an oxygen machine. Marquis Davis promised to get vaccinated if he recovered, but he, unfortunately, did not.

The wake for the late business owner happened Friday (August 6), and the funeral service took place Saturday (August 7). Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson shots were administered at the Faith Temple Christian Center.

This was also the first vaccination event of its kind in Brevard County, according to Anita Stremmel, a spokeswoman for the Brevard County Health Department.

“Yes, it is out of the ordinary, but with the case numbers as high as Brevard is seeing, we need to consider the unusual when it comes to protecting our citizens and providing vaccinations,” Stremmel said.

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