How You Can Support Earthquake Victims In Haiti

Photo: Getty Images

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti Saturday morning (August 14), creating widespread devastation across the nation.

According to Haiti officials, an estimated 1,297 people have been reported dead after the earthquake, thousands of people are injured and left without a home as a result.

The nation was already dealing with an ongoing humanitarian crisis and power battle following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse. With an impending tropical storm headed toward the nation, many are concerned about how necessary aid will make it to those in need. 

Online, Haitians and activists have asked that people looking to help out don’t give money to the Red Cross after an investigation found $500 million unaccounted for following the 2010 earthquake disaster in Haiti.

A growing list of content creators and activists are sharing trusted organizations where people can donate to help out. Here are a few shared so far.

Following Hurricane Matthew in 2016, the Haitian Education and Leadership Program created this list of organizations to support.

The list will be updated as more resources are verified and shared.

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