Giannis Antetokounmpo Celebrates NBA Title By Joining Major League Baseball

Giannis Antetokounmpo

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Fresh off of winning his first NBA Championship, Giannis Antetokounmpo has made a major move in another professional sports league. Over the weekend, the 2021 NBA Finals MVP acquired a minority ownership stake in the Milwaukee Brewers.

"Man, this is unbelievable,'' Antetokounmpo said during a press conference on Friday.

"This is a dream come true for a kid from Sepolia, Athens, Greece, born from immigrant parents. I could have never imagined I would be in this position.''

Over the last three years, the Nigerian-Greek superstar has cemented himself in Milwaukee's history. He's brought home two NBA MVPs, an NBA Defensive Player of the Year award and Milwaukee's first NBA title in 50 years. Brewers' principal owner Mark Attanasio has even joked that the NBA superstar could expand his legacy in Milwaukee by playing for the team as well.

"We are honored to have Giannis join our team of Milwaukee Brewers investors," Attanasio said.

"Giannis is a great athlete, a world champion, and a true local hero with international renown."

Attanasio and Antetokounmpo's working relationship has evolved over the years. Coming from Greece, the Bucks forward did not watch a lot of baseball until he arrived in Milwaukee as a teenager.

"Obviously growing up in Europe, there's not a lot of baseball over there," he explained.

"I can tell you when I was introduced to baseball. I was 18. It was the first day I came to Milwaukee. I came to a game. But I know Christian Yelich. I know he's a great player.''

As time went on, Antetokounmpo's career blossomed and he began to think more about team ownership in sports. Unable to purchase a stake in an NBA team, he began to think more about owning a baseball team in Milwaukee.

"I want to be involved in the community as much as possible. I know Milwaukee invested a lot in me, and I want to invest a lot of me back into the city of Milwaukee," he explained.

During his time in the NBA bubble in 2020, his thoughts became reality as he connected with Attanasio. After a year of negotiating, the two agreed on a deal, but kept things under wraps as Antetokounmpo embarked on a championship run. Now, he's hoping to bring those same title hopes to the Brewers.

"We're trying to have some of that good karma that Giannis and his teammates created to rub off on us," Attanasio said.

The Brewers currently sit atop the NL Central with a 7.5 game lead on the Cincinnati Reds. With a 99.7% chance of making the playoffs, Milwaukee is certainly on the right track toward winning its first World Series title ever.

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