'Jeopardy!' Team Never Considered LeVar Burton As The 'Right Fit' To Host

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The team behind Jeopardy! continues to make a number of critical missteps. Most recently, TMZ reported that while executives loved LeVar Burton he was never considered a candidate to host the show permanently because he was not the "right fit." With that said, Burton is rumored to be discussing further career opportunities with Sony studios outside of Jeopardy.

Beyond a potential role on Jeopardy, Burton has also teased the possibility of working on a project with critically acclaimed director, Ava DuVernay. Two weeks ago, the When They See Us director tweeted that she was thinking of ways to incorporate the former Star Trek star into her next project.

"[I am] trying to create a show right [at] this moment for LeVar Burton to host and make an international hit," DuVernay wrote.

"Check your DMs," Burton replied.

Above all else, Burton has proved that he has a dedicated fan base that will follow him as his career continues to develop. More than 250,000 fans took time to sign a petition in favor of him becoming the show's next host. Those same fans searched high and low during the Olympics to find the times he was hosting Jeopardy.

"For my entire life, LeVar Burton has been a beacon of wisdom, literacy, and humanity," one fan named Aurelia Womack wrote after signing the online petition.

"He’s not just a celebrity. He’s a role model and an amazing human being," another fan by the name of Amy Burton wrote after signing the petition.

With the support of his fans and this experience behind him, Burton is moving onward and upward.

"Shaking the dust off my feet and [I am] not looking back," he wrote.

In the meantime, Jeopardy will continue to look for a permanent host after Mike Richards stepped down and accepted an offer to remain an executive producer for the show.

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