Here's How You Can Help People Impacted By Hurricane Ida

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Hurricane Ida slammed the Gulf Coast Sunday (August 29), leaving at least one million people without power, hundreds stranded, and claiming the lives of several people. 

While the region is no stranger to devastating storms, rescue and clean-up efforts for the impacted communities do not get easier. Hurricane Ida made landfall 16 years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged Louisiana and Mississippi and came a year after the powerful Hurricane Laura impacted the area. 

Wind gusts reached upwards of 165 mph, tearing roofs off buildings and homes. Floodwaters reportedly reached 10 to 12 feet, leaving people stranded and creating dangerous conditions for rescue efforts.

The remnants of Hurricane Ida traveled north, slamming the northeast with record-breaking rainfall. Public transportation has be shut down in across NYC, and rescue efforts are underway in impacted areas of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. At least 11 people were killed as flash flooding swept the states.

Reports indicate local organizations and aid workers are already on the ground assisting in rescue efforts in the Gulf. On Thursday (September 2), President Joe Biden shared that FEMA resources were already "on the ground" in the Northeast as recovery efforts begin across the region and nation.

Here are a few organizations you can support to help hurricane victims, too.

Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative

This racial justice-centered organization collects donations for people unable to organize online fundraisers for themselves. "We will distribute donations directly Indigenous, Black, and brown frontline folks impacted by Hurricane Ida and groups who currently don't have online donations capacity, as well as directly to individual families impacted by the storm," the group pledges. You can donate here.


This global org focuses on providing medical supplies to people following natural disasters. Donations to the group can be made here.

United Way

The United Way of Southeast Louisiana is currently accepting donations for short-term and long-term hurricane relief efforts. Donations can be made here.

Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies

This group works to bring aid to people with disabilities, older adults, and people who may have had issues accessing aid before the storm hit. Donations can be made here.

All Hands and Hearts

This volunteer-led organization works alongside local residents to rebuild communities following a natural disaster. Donations can be made here.

Mayor's Fund to Advance NYC

The fund is accepting donations to support several causes, including COVID-19 relief. The organization previously accepted donations in the wake of other hurricanes, including Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria. Click here to learn more.

Additional Ways to Help

Check out these other organizations working to bring relief to Hurricane Ida Victims.

This list will be updated as more information about the needs of families and individuals is announced.

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