Fox News Host Attacks Kamala Harris For Going To Howard vs. Hampton Game

Photo: Getty Images

Who knew that flipping a coin was a problem? Fox & Friends host Rachel Campos-Duffy did apparently.

Over the weekend, Vice President Kamala Harris made an appearance at the Howard vs. Hampton football game, repping of course for her alma mater and officiated the coin toss for the long-time rivals. The Pirates took the win, beating the Bison 48-32, but not without controversy. And the controversy wasn't over the endless debate about who the "real HU" is –– this time.

Campos-Duffy took time out of the broadcast to call out Harris for attending the game, calling Harris the "affirmative action" VP and arguing that Harris' appearance at the game meant she wasn't attending to other vice presidential duties.

"She was at a football game, because you know, as the affirmative action vice president who was selected because she was a woman and because she was the right color, she likes to go to these things," Campos-Duffy said on-air.

"This is the kind of stuff she likes to do," the host quipped. "Stuff on the border, not so much."

Twitter sounded off on Campos-Duffy's word choice and banter about the Vice President's whereabouts on the weekends and the Fox host's attempt to link Harris' appearance at the game with the Afghanistan withdrawal, border crisis, and more issues the US currently faces.

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