Twitter Reacts After A 'Karen' Accuses Black Comedian Of Carjacking

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On Wednesday evening, popular Nashville comedian Josh Black recorded an encounter with a "Karen" who accused him of breaking into several cars in the area recently. Black told WSMV in Nashville that he was in his car at the apartment complex he lives in when a woman approached him and asked a question.

“There’s a car in front of me at the gate. They go in and park, and then as soon as I park, a woman walks out full speed racing to my car and she’s like, ‘Do you live here?’,” Black recalled.

Taken aback by the question, Black stepped out of the car and began to record the interaction as it unfolded.

“Hi, I live here. I’ve been living here for five years and then Karen walked up to me just now and she’s pestering me about what I’m doing following here,” Black said in a video that he posted to Twitter.

***The video below contains profane language***

As the video goes on, Black explains that the woman said he "fit the description" of a person who had broken into several cars throughout the area. At the time, the comedian was wearing Black pants and a pink hoodie that read, "Everybody vs. Racism." Not only did Black refute that he did not fit the description, but he also explained that his car had been broken into.

“She said you actually fit the description of the guy who broke into my car,” Black said.

“I know that because they broke into my car and I was pissed because I had to pay for it."

According to WSMV, the apartment complex backed Black's comments. The suspect connected to the string of break-ins "was a white kid on a bike with a red backpack."

Despite being wrong about her assertion, "Karen" did not apologize for her actions. Rather, she believes that Black was "too defensive" when accused of breaking into cars.

"He got a little too defensive about it, and I admit, obviously, in that video I did too,” she said.

Unfortunately, Black's experience is all too familiar to a number of Black residents in the area, across the country and the globe.

“Unfortunately, that kind of racism is just normal, and we become numb to it as Black people,” he said.

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