Champion Taps 'Renegade' Dance Creator Jalaiah Harmon For Ad Campaign

Photo: Getty Images

If you didn't learn the Renegade dance last year, there's a new opportunity to learn the steps –– in reverse.

In a viral new ad for Champion, Jalaiah Harmon, creator of the viral TikTok dance, does the dance backwards in honor of the brand's reverse weave sweatshirts, which were patented 64 years ago on October 14, 1952.

"#ReverseRenegade in Reverse Weave" the Tik Tok caption reads, with Harmon sporting a Champion reverse weave sweatsuit in red and magenta.

Harmon went viral last year after posting a catchy, multi-step dance routine to rapper K Camp's hit single "Lottery." She's since gained more than three million followers and credit for starting the global dance craze.

Now, the Georgia native is bringing the dance to life once again, this time in reverse, for the brand's reverse weave sweatshirts, designed to be "shrink resistant" and "built to last." Check out the ad below.

Harmon has studied multiple forms of dance and got recognized by K Camp and online as the originator of the dance, despite other TikTokers going viral for doing her routine.

As for the sweatshirts, Champion launched a contest for the Reverse Renegade that ends on Tuesday (October 19).

To learn more about the brand's contest rules, click here.

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